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Carburetor Repair Experts in the Saint Louis Area

We only work on Carburetors if you bring in the vehicle with it. We are no longer accepting detached carburetors brought in for service.

Specializing in Foreign & Domestic Rebuilds
CarburetorDon't settle for an inexperienced shop that is only looking to make money - at Carburetor Shop, we treat you with the respect and professionalism you deserve. Bring your car in today and have one of our trained professionals take a look!

CarburetorIs your carburetor in need of an adjustment or repair?
Our experts provide many different services for your vehicle's carburetor. We can easily rebuild or replace any carburetor, greatly increasing the life and value of your car!


A Carburetor Shop You Can Trust
Our family-owned business strives to provide the best carburetor services in the area and for the best value. We provide personalized service on every car that enters our shop, and will always do the job right the first time. Call us at 314-455-8877 or make an appointment today!

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